Presse- und Insiderstimmen

2015: 95/100 Idig, 94/100 Langenmorgen und Reiterpfad Hofstück

Unser Idig unter den 5 am höchsten bewerteten Rieslingen trocken des Jahrgangs, alle Grossen Gewächse unter den Top Weinen, insgesamt 16 Weine mit mehr als 90/100 PP, so gut wie nie:

"After his excellent 2014s, Steffen Christmann has bottled another great range of 2015s."

Idig 95/100: From the 2015s, the Idig GG is again the first among equals, although stylistically slightly varied compared to former vintages. ... The finish is pure and salty, as well as powerful, sappy and aromatic. The 2015 Idig is very fine, but also compact and powerful. This will need some years to unfold its great character.

Langenmorgen 94/100: Lean, compact and very elegant on the palate, with a rich and intense fruit core, this wine is carried by a vivacious mineral acidity and a remarkable finesse.

Reiterpfad-Hofstück 94/100: .. displays a lovely, deep, intense and concentrated lemon flavor with floral/herbal and some almond aromas. Very complex! ... This is an enormously complex Riesling to be aged for 10-15 years.

Meerspinne im Mandelgarten 93/100: ..opens deep and smoky/flinty on the nose, displaying lemon grass and lemon juice aromas. Round, complex and juicy on the palate, with a nice vitality and classic raciness, this is a lean yet pretty complex and persistent Riesling. This is made in a very elegant and classic style.

Auch Deidesheimer Paradiesgarten 93/100, Königsbacher Ölberg, Ruppertsberger Spiess, Königsbach 92/100