Presse- und Insiderstimmen

James Suckling 2020

92 2019 Pfalz Riesling VDP.Gutswein

93 2019 Ruppertsberg Riesling

94 2019 Gimmeldingen Riesling

94 2019 Königsbach Riesling

93 2019 Neustadt V. Riesling

94 2019 Gimmeldinger Kapellenberg Riesling

94 2019 Ruppertsberger Spiess Riesling

95 2019 Gimmeldinger Biengarten Riesling

95 2019 Königsbacher Ölberg Riesling

Very complex wild-herb nose that's just beginning to open up. This highly structured wine has a great deal to give, as long as you are a little patient. The concentration and very long, mineral finish of a high-end GG, in a wine that costs a fraction of the price.

96 2019 Reiterpfad-Hofstück Riesling GG

Ripe yellow grapefruit meets a whole garden of herbs and a small iceberg. A generous but precisely proportioned wine with dark finesse, if that doesn't sound too crazy. Great energy at the bold finish.

97 2019 Meerspinne Riesling GG

Biscuit character at first, which reminds me of great vintage champagne, then ripe-mirabelle and citrus character comes through. So succulent and joyful, but all this is tightly focused on a rather small target in the drinker’s mind. And who wouldn't want this wine to press that pleasure button?

99 2019 Idig Riesling GG

The deepest waters are the most mysterious, because you look ever further down and never know what you're going to discover another five fathoms deeper. And just so, this beautiful riesling has seductive fruit that drags you into an abyss of beauty and joy. What stunning texture, and what a long, refined finish.

92 2019 Pfalz Weißburgunder

94 2019 Pfarrwingert Weißburgunder

96 2019 Gimmeldinger Biengarten Weißburgunder

92 2018 Gimmeldingen Spätburgunder

A gentle and subtle young pinot noir with very good depth, but not a gram of fat on the toned medium body. The black-cherry and forest-berry aromas open up slowly. Long, silky finish, thanks to the rather fine tannins.

94 2018 Königsbacher Ölberg Spätburgunder

Very burgundian, with a ton of rooty, red-berry and herbal aromas. Great balance of delicate sweetness and fine-grained tannins that build gently at the long, complete finish.

95 2018 Gimmeldinger Biengarten Spätburgunder

The black-raspberry, cocoa-powder and herbal nose pulls you into this suave and enticing pinot noir. Serious structure behind the wall of silk on the palate, the tannins at the finish imposing, but in no way overbearing.

96 2018 Idig Spätburgunder GG

Dark and spicy with delicate vegetal notes, this is a very striking pinot noir that needs some time to spread its wide wings. In spite of the serious concentration, this has a very filigree and light-footed finish.

97 2018 Kalkbuckel Spätburgunder

Super concentrated and super energetic with a breathtaking interplay of sour cherries, herbs and roots, the serious, fine-grained tannins already beautifully integrated.