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Gimmeldinger Biengarten Weissburgunder

Gimmeldinger Biengarten Weissburgunder

VDP.ERSTE LAGE / Qualitätswein / dry

The VDP.Erste Lage vineyard in Gimmeldingen stretches across steep terraces and beautiful hillsides in the Haardt hills between Gimmeldingen and Königsbach. The site is protected from cold winds by a small hollow in the hillside. For this reason beekepers historically chose this site as they could release their bees earlier in spring here than on other sites. To this day the site is still used for beekeeping. This vineyard was given a premium rating in the Royal Bavarian Soil Survey (Kgl. Bay. Bodenbewertung) of 1828 and was declared a premier vineyard in Gimmeldingen.

The soil is made up of red sandstone and large amounts of loess loam with a high iron content. The microclimate that reigns here is typical for Gimmeldingen, characterized by the nightly cold breezes from the Palatinate forest. The stark difference between day and night temperatures results in a cool, tension-filled aroma and fine minerality. The wines have a delicate flavor with hints of fruit combined with plenty of spice and elegance.

Whilst young the wines delight with their youthful aromas but the wine’s truest qualities are released only after being stored for some years.


Picked on 03.09.2018 Fermented until 15.10.18 Bottled on 17.06.2019
Picked on 13.09.2017 Fermented until 01.10.2017 Bottled on 12.06.2018
Picked on 7.10.16 Fermented until 18.12.16 Bottled on 5.5.17
Picked on 15.9.15 Fermented until 19.11.15 Bottled on 10.5.16
Picked on 26.09.14 Fermented until 25.11.14 Bottled on 29.4.15
Picked on 12.10.13 Fermented until 15.12.13 Bottled on 28.4.14
Picked on 02.10.12 Fermented until 19.11.12 Bottled on 27.4.13