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Langenmorgen Riesling

Langenmorgen Riesling GG

VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS / Qualitätswein / dry

The VDP.Grosse Lage Langenmorgen site is one of the most highly-rated sites in Deidesheim and therefore in the whole of the Palatine region. This site first appears in records in 1491 and the site takes its name “Langenmorgen” (long morning) from its position, spread out along one of the best exposed terraces. Positioned towards the southeast, at a distance from the forest and yet still elevated, the vineyard is excellently exposed.

Due to its relatively elated position in the Haardt hills between 120 m and 150 m above sea level, red sandstone rock is found just a few meters below the top soil throughout this site. Covering this rock is red sandstone scree and a small amount of loess, eroded over time from the hillside above and deposited on this site.

The combination of exposure, shade in the evening hours and soil gives wines from the Langemorgen site peach and apricot flavours that are typical of Deidesheim, combined with a cool freshness. The wines are luxuriant, complex and stay on the palate long after tasting. Whilst young the wines delight with their youthful aromas but the wines’ truest qualities are released only after being stored for some years.

Grapes that have ripened early are, as a rule, harvested first and used in the production of the VDP.Gutswein. The Great Growth harvest of the Langenmorgen site takes place after this early harvest, over the course of one or two rounds of harvesting. The grapes are selected according to strict criteria, taking only healthy grapes at the peak of ripeness, harvested at just the right time. This site yields only 40hl/ha which ensures that the grapes achieve their optimal flavor.

The whole grapes are carefully transported to the pressing room, the “Kelterhaus”, where they are crushed. After a short period of maceration lasting between 3 and 6 hours, the grapes are slowly and carefully pressed. The must is left to settle overnight and is then fermented using yeast producedby our winery. Until it is ready to be bottled, the unfined and untreated wine is left to mature on the lees and fine lees in large, traditional wooden barrels.

Picked on 22.09.2017 Fermented until 03.01.2018 Bottled on 13.06.2018
Picked on 12.10.16 Fermented until 3.1.17 Bottled on 28.6.17
Picked on 21.9.15 Fermented until 26.11.15 Bottled on 15.6.16
Picked on 4.10.14 Fermented until 12.12.14 Bottled on 9.7.15
Picked on 18.10.13 Fermented until 18.12.13 Bottled on 22.7.14
Picked on 17.10.12 Fermented until 29.12.12 Bottled on 26.6.13
Picked on 1.10.11 Fermented until 24.11.11 Bottled on 2.7.12