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Pfalz Grauburgunder

VDP.GUTSWEIN / Qualitätswein / dry

The Pfalz Grauburgunder is grown in vineyards in Gimmeldingen and its surroundings. The grapes that we use for the wine are picked on the perfect degree of ripeness lending the wine a good complexity and nice freshness. The nose is refreshing and characterised by ripe pears.


Picked on 28.08.2018 Fermented until 05.11.2018 Bottled on 24.03.2019
Picked on 06.09.2017 Fermented until 22.09.2017 Bottled on 22.03.2018
Picked on 19.9.16 Fermented until 14.12.16 Bottled on 6.4.17
Picked on 17.09.2015 Fermented until 01.12.2015 Bottled on 25.03.2016