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Pfalz Riesling

VDP.GUTSWEIN / Qualitätswein / trocken

The Pfalz Riesling is produced from the grapes of first pickings in our classified sites. These are always picked on the perfect degree of ripeness limiting the amount of fruit acid to a moderate level. The wine unites the minerality, finesse and elegant fruit of the sandstone soils in Gimmeldingen, Deidesheim and Ruppertsberg.

Picked on 04.-18.09.2020 Fermented until 10.11.2020 Bottled on 12.03.2021
Picked on 11.-25.09.2019 Fermented until 14.12.2019 Bottled on 16.03.2020
Picked on 07.-22.09.2018 Fermented until 15.09.2018 Bottled on 23.03.2019
Picked on 6.-10.9.17 Fermented until 20.10.2017 Bottled on 19.03.2018
Picked on 27.9.-10.10.16 Fermented until 12.12.16 Bottled on 5.4.17
Picked on 18.-28.9.15 Fermented until 1.12.15 Bottled on 20.3.16
Picked on 18. - 29.9.14 Fermented until 9.12.14 Bottled on 27.3.15