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Pfalz Weissburgunder

VDP.GUTSWEIN / Qualitätswein / dry

The Pfalz Weissburgunder stems from vineyards in Gimmeldingen and Ruppertsberg, as well as first pickings from our older Weissburgunder vines in VDP.Erste Lage Gimmeldinger Biengarten. To produce our Weissburgunder we only use fully ripe grapes resulting in a complex, fresh wine with moderate fruit acid.


Picked on 09.09.2020 Fermented until 06.10.2020 Bottled on 22.03.2021
Picked on 16.09.2019 Fermented until 16.10.2019 Bottled on 17.03.2020
Picked on 28.08.2018 Fermented until 15.11.2018 Bottled on 24.03.2019
Picked on 07.09.2017 Fermented until 12.10.2017 Bottled on 22.03.2018
Picked on 20.9.16 Fermented until 18.11.16 Bottled on 5.4.17
Picked on 10.09.15 Fermented until 29.11.15 Bottled on 22.03.16