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Gimmeldingen Spätburgunder

VDP.ORTSWEIN / Qualitätswein / dry

The Gimmeldingen Spätburgunder VDP.Ortswein is made from grapes grown in an old vineyard on the Kapellenberg site, designated as VDP.Erste Lage (First Site). Grapes that have ripened early are harvested first and used in the production of our VDP.Gutswein. The Cru Village harvest of this site takes place after this early harvest, over the course of one or two further rounds of harvesting. The later harvest allows the grapes destined for the Ortswein to ripen over a longer period of time. The cool autumn climate benefits the grapes by producing a more intense fruit, without adding a significant amount to the must weight or the alcohol content.

The vineyard is situated in the Haardt foothills, at a slight distance from the hills. The soil lies on a foundation of solid limestone rocks, covered by red sandstone earth, eroded over millennia from the Haardt hills. The vineyard is far enough from the Haardt hillside that it enjoys maximum exposure to the sun.

Climate and the earth the vines grow in define the wine. This wine displays its true elegance only after some years of aging. The wine is elegant, fruity and very complex. A superb combination of elegance and strength is achieved through the pairing of the minerality of the limestone and the fruitiness of the red sandstone.

The grapes are selectively harvested by hand, producing average yields of 40hl/ha. The whole grapes are then carefully transported to the “Kelterhaus”, the pressing room where the stems are removed. The wine is then fermented with the skins in vats for a period of 15 to 18 days. Untreated and unfined the wine matures for 18-22 months in a mixture of new and used baroque casks.

Picked on 06.09.2018 Fermented until 18.09.2018 Bottled on 08.04.2020
Picked on 06.09.2017 Fermented until 17.09.2017 Bottled on 09.04.2019
Picked on 23.09.2016 Fermented until 10.10.2016 Bottled on 24.05.2018