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Königsbach Riesling

VDP.Ortswein / Qualitätswein / dry

The Königsbach Riesling VDP.Ortswein is produced from grapes from the younger parts of our Idig site which is classified as VDP. Grosse Lage (Great Site). Grapes that have ripened early are harvested first and used in the production of the VDP.Gutswein. The Ortswein harvest of this sites takes place after this early harvest, over the course of one or two further rounds of harvesting. The later harvest allows the grapes destined for the Ortswein to ripen over a longer period of time. The cool autumn climate benefits the grapes by producing a more intense fruit, without adding a significant amount to the must weight or the alcohol content.

The Idig vineyard has an illustrious history. The royal Idig site first appeared in public records in the 14th century, when it made up part of the estate of the Palatine Electors. Following in their footsteps, we have sole ownership of the entire site, a rarity in the Palatine region as it covers a full 4 hectares of superbly-situated land.

By Palatine standards the vineyard falls steeply to the south-southeast. A near-constant gentle breeze, however, blows from the Klausen Valley and the Palatinate Forest. The top soil at the Idig site is characterized by the numerous limestone pebbles one can find, mixed with clay. Just one metre below the surface the pure limestone starts, broken up only by limestone sand.

The climate and the earth mould the wine, which only displays its true elegance after being aged for some years. This is an elegant, fruity and extremely complex wines. Due to the high minerality of the limestone these characteristics are displayed most subtly. The acidity is polished; never sour.

The grapes are harvested selectively by hand, producing average yields of 50hl/ha. The whole grapes are carefully transported to the pressing room, the “Kelterhaus”, where they are crushed. After a short period of maceration lasting between 3 and 4 hours, the grapes are slowly and carefully pressed. The must is left to settle and is then fermented over a number of weeks using yeast produced by our winery. Until it is ready to be bottled, the unfined and untreated wine is left to mature on the lees and fine lees in both stainless steel vats and large, traditional wooden barrels.

Picked on 11.09.2020 Fermented until 26.09.2020 Bottled on 08.04.2020
Picked on 19.09.2019 Fermented until 14.10.2019 Bottled on 08.04.2020
Picked on 12.09.2018 Fermented until 10.11.2018 Bottled on 26.04.2019
Picked on 11.09.2017 Fermented until 15.11.2017 Bottled on 17.04.2018
Picked on 5.10.16 Fermented until 3.1.17 Bottled on 10.4.17
Picked on 19.9.15 Fermented until 27.12.15 Bottled on 15.4.16
Picked on 29.9.14 Fermented until 15.12.14 Bottled on 27.4.15