Merry Christmas

We look back gratefully on a year full of exciting decisions, thrilling experiences and beautiful successes and would also like to thank you for accompanying us on our way.

We wish you and your families a blessed Christmas and all the best for the year 2020!

Your Familie Christmann

In Harmony with Nature.

The foundation of our work are the vines, as firmly rooted as our family in their homeland of the Pfalz. It is only by working in accord with nature, growing grapes in complete harmony with their surroundings, that we get the flavours that make our wines unique.

Soil and Stones

Soil and stones. There is nothing more valuable to us than the soil that our vines grow in. Our greatest endeavor is to invigorate the earth and keep it healthy for the next generation.

Winter Holidays

From 21.12-5.1. tastings after prior arrangement only.

Weingut Christmann


The Classification

The vineyard is the supporting pillar of the VDP’s classification and a quality criterium for top wines. The use of vineyard names is reserved for the splendid wines that reflect their terroir. The goal of the VDP classification is to enhance the value of Germany’s finest vineyard sites as an integral part of a unique viticultural landscape. Vineyard sites that are the origin of wines that number among the best in the world.


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