Our Family

The Family

Good wine and good food are our passions; hiking together through the vineyards, tasting the grapes and touching the leaves on the vines is what gives us joy. Cooking together and enjoying authentic wines motivates us constantly to keep working on our wines. Family has been the hub of the winery for many decades and family is still the centre of the estate today.

Steffen and Sophie - father and daughter

We are the seventh and eighth generation in a long line of vintners.

We have made it our quest to get back to our roots: rediscovering the unique position our vineyards hold in the Mittelhaardt region and unlocking their full potential. The conversion of the estate to bio-dynamic production methods and the excitement our wines generate in markets throughout the world are the pillars of our work.

Gisela and Fritz - parents and grandparents

They laid the foundations for the success of our winery. They continue to support us actively every day. Their vast experience and their propitious advice help us whenever we make difficult decisions.