The history

Our History

1798. The Pfalz becomes part of the French Republic“. The young “Wingertsmann” Georg Köhler seizes the opportunity to purchase the vineyards his family cultivated as tenants since 1580 and expanded by leasing additional vineyards. In 1803 he purchased the majority of the leased fields and enlarged the estate with further sites out of the national assets. A new estate was founded.

1845. The cousins Johann Martin and Prof. Dr. Louis Häusser regularly met at Weingut Buhl in Deidesheim to discuss the democratic ideas of the times. But not only… Probably inspired by the surroundings as well as the local wine, they soon decided to purchase a vineyard of their own, thereby laying another cornerstone of today’s estate.

Anna Köhler, the only granddaughter of Georg marries Hermann Häusser, the son of Johann Martin. The two estates are united. There daughter Henriette marries Eduard Christmann in 1892.

The estate is named after their son, Arnold Christmann. To put it another way: passion and creativity have been part of our history from the outset – and ever since. To this today, the estate has been in the hands of the Christmann family, now in the 7th generation, and the name still stands for top growths that are second to none.