Characterized by terroir


We have the great pleasure of working in one of the few landscapes in the world that can produce excellent dry Riesling and Burgunder (Pinot) wines. Rather than breathlessly following every trend and new style of wine, we can concentrate on our goal: capturing the taste experience that can only be found in the Pfalz, the Mittelhaardt region, in our vineyards in Gimmeldingen and Königsbach. We strive to make a classic treasure even better.

Idig in Königsbach - Tertiary Limestone
Meerspinne - Mandelgarten in Gimmeldingen - Sandstone with Loess Layers and Limestone
Langenmorgen in Deidesheim - Gravel of Sandstone and Loess
Reiterpfad in Ruppertsberg - yellow and red Sandstone