Biodynamic Viticulture

Biodynamic Viticulture

For generations, the vintners in our family have inherited the estate from their parents, knowing that they are temporary care-takers, managing the land carefully for it to be passed on to the next generation. Our aim is to abide by this tradition: making what is good, better.

We know that there is nothing that can be added in the cellar that can enhance the quality of our grapes. It is instead the biodynamic cultivation methods that form the basis for the production of truly individual vineyards and wines. This is the path we have chosen in order to achieve full harmony between the vines and their surroundings, leading to wines made with grapes that are full of flavor.

The foundation for this is organic production, enhanced by the rules and rites of biodynamics (certified through the Lacon Institute- DE-Öko 003). For many years now, we have used no herbicides, insecticides or synthetic chemical substances.

We orient our work to fit the phases of the moon, use biodynamic preparations such as horn manure and horn silica, and we use compost as the basis for healthy soil. We place great emphasis on the importance of the cultural landscape, respecting the fact that it is also a habitat. We promote variety in the greenery and care for dry walls and hedges.

Pairing up-to-date tools with traditional methods in the cellars is the last step in ensuring that our wines capture as much of the vineyard as possible.